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Error opening URL. HTTP Status Code: 500

Problem Description

During HTML-to-PDF conversion with AspPDF or AspPDF.NET, a call to the ImportFromUrl method generates the following error:

Persits.PdfManager.1 error '800a006a'
Error opening URL. HTTP Status Code: 500.

although the same URL as the one being imported works well when opened directly in the browser.


This error usually occurs because the URL being imported by ImportFromUrl has generated a run-time script error.

The script's reliance of session variables is often the culprit as the content of session variables is not preserved when the script is invoked via ImportFromUrl. Therefore, a code snippet such as

SQL = "select * from mytable where id = " & Session("id") myRecorset.Open SQL, myConnection

is bound to generate a run-time script error as Session("id") becomes empty thus rendering the SQL statement syntactically incomplete and causing the myRecordset.Open method to fail.

Another example is a session variable containing an object. The line

Set myObject = Session("myObject")

by itself causes a run-time script error as an object cannot be initialized from an empty variable.

Methods other than session variables should be used to pass data from a script calling ImportFromUrl to the script being imported, such as URL parameters, for example:

Doc.ImportFromUrl ""