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BUG: Object number not found in object header error

Problem Description

When modifying a PDF document larger than approximately 17MB with any of AspPDF's methods or properties, or appending another document to a document of that size using the AppendDocument method, the resultant PDF becomes corrupt.

The irregularity of such corrupt documents is not serious enough to cause any problems with the major PDF viewers such as Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Reader, and for that reason may go unnoticed. However, AspPDF itself refuses to open these documents with the following error:

Persits.PdfManager.1 error '800a0033'
Object number not found in object header. Offset: <number> (Hex <number>)


The problem is caused by a bug in both AspPDF and AspPDF.NET involving the handling of long integer numbers. The bug is fixed in the following versions of the components:

AspPDF: (and higher)
AspPDF.NET: (and higher)

The fixed versions can be downloaded from their respective web sites and