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BUG: PDF documents with embedded TrueType fonts cause problems

Problem Description

A number of problems have been reported with AspPDF-generated PDF documents containing embedded TrueType fonts. These problems include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Acrobat's TouchUp Text Tool refuses to edit or even highlight text drawn using an embedded TrueType font, although it works well with the 14 standard PDF fonts.

  • Certain "preflight" PDF-processing packages, such as Enfocus PitStop, report a fatal error when processing PDF documents containing embedded TrueType fonts.

  • Adobe Illustrator fails to recognize the embedded font in a document and replaces it with another font.
The problems above have been encountered with PDF documents generated by version 1.4 and earlier of AspPDF.


The problems described above were traced to the omission of a /StemV entry in the PDF documents' font descriptor dictionaries. The bug was fixed by Version (service release). PDF documents generated by AspPDF will no longer manifest these problems.

AspPDF also fixes a few other minor font-related bugs.

Download the latest version of AspPDF here.