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Emails are never received

Problem Description

When a message is sent using AspEmail, it is never received by the recipient.

This article is a general troubleshooting guide to such problems.


Step 1: Search your entire script for any line reading " On Error Resume Next ", and remove it or comment it out. You must do this to allow AspEmail to report any errors it may be encountering.

If you get a generic "page cannot be displayed" error message, in Internet Explorer, turn off "Show friendly HTTP error messages" to see the real error message. This option is under Tools - Internet Options - Advanced.

If AspEmail throws an error message, that should tell you what the problem is. Search this knowledge base for the error code and you may find a solution; if not, write to with the exact error code and description.

If you get no error, make absolutely sure that your AspEmail code is actually running (try inserting a Response.Write statement before Mail.Send to make sure the program flow is getting there.) If you're sure it's running, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: If your code includes either of the statements Mail.Queue = True or Mail.SendToQueue , that means that AspEmail is using the background message queueing service EmailAgent to send emails. If you're not using message queueing, proceed to step 3.

If you are using message queueing, look in the EmailAgent queue folder. The queue folder by default is:
C:\Program Files\Persits Software\AspEmail\Queue

The Logs folder underneath that contains the EmailAgent log, which may contain an error message. Inspect that, and that should tell you what the problem is. If there is no error logged, then look for your message file, which should either be in the Queue folder or in the folders Sent or Failed underneath that.

If it's in Queue, it means the EmailAgent service hasn't processed the message: make sure that the EmailAgent service is actually running by using Control Panel - Services or the EmailAgent control panel applet. If your message file is in Failed, then there will be a log entry saying why the failure occurred. If your message file is in the Sent folder, proceed to step 3.

Step 3: If you've checked all previous conditions, then AspEmail is indeed sending the message to the SMTP server, and any further delivery problems will be its fault. Enable logging on the SMTP server and inspect the logs to find out what the problem with message delivery is. You may also wish to try a different SMTP server, if possible.

Step 4: Make sure that it isn't the fault of the recipient. Make sure that there isn't any spam filtering blocking the message. Large mail services like AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail tend to have very tight spam filtering rules. Persits Software does not have information about such filtering rules; you'll have to contact the email vendors.