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Character out of range error when using a standard font

Problem Description

When drawing text on a document with AspPDF using one of the standard 14 fonts, the method DrawText generates the following error:

Persits.PdfManager.1 error '800A0025'
Character nnn out of range (font "Helvetica").

(Another font may be mentioned in the error message).


The standard PDF fonts (Courier, Times-Roman and Helvetica families) only support characters in the ASCII range. They do not support Unicode codes such as 8230 (), 8364 (), etc.

To display Unicode characters, you must use a TrueType/OpenType font supporting a wide range of Unicode characters:

Set Font = Doc.Fonts("Arial")

Arial is not a standard font, so AspPDF will attempt to load this font from its arial.ttf file.

You can also load a TrueType/OpenType font directly from its .ttf or .otf file using the LoadFromFile method, as follows:

Set Font = Doc.Fonts.LoadFromFile("c:\winnt\fonts\arial.ttf")