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HOWTO: Send embedded Flash animations with AspEmail

Problem Description

This article describes how to send Flash animations embedded in an email message using AspEmail.


AspEmail's method AddEmbeddedImage can embed any type of file, not just images. If the message contains the proper HTML tags to reference an embedded Flash animation, an email client with support for it can display the Flash.

The following elements are required for embedded Flash to work:

1. The recipient must have the Macromedia Flash player version 5 installed. Version 6 does not allow the player to load files embedded in an email, for security reasons.

2. The recipient must be using an email client capable of using the Flash ActiveX control or browser plugin. Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express can use the ActiveX control. Netscape mail clients can use the browser plugin.

3. The recipient's email client must be set to read messages as HTML and have security settings configured to allow use of the Flash control or plugin.

Given these restrictions, you may wish to send a Flash file as a regular attachment instead of embedding it, for greater compatibility with email clients.

Also, AspEmail must be able to find a proper Content-Type for .SWF files in the server's registry in the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.swf .

For source code that demonstrates sending a Flash file embedded in an HTML email message, download this zip file. This contains the files:

EmbeddedFlash.asp - the ASP code to send a message
Demo.swf - a sample Flash file
Flash.txt - the HTML code to embed a Flash file, to be added to the message body with the AppendBodyFromFile method