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Progress bar in IE for Macintosh

Problem Description

The progress bar does not appear on Macintosh clients running Internet Explorer 5+.


The original code sample included with AspUpload version does not account for Mac IE. Use the updated code sample for progress.asp available for download here:

The original script uses window.showModelessDialog which is a method proprietary to MSIE for Windows. Your script must use for Macintosh machines as follows:

strAppVersion = navigator.appVersion;
if (strAppVersion.indexOf('MSIE') != -1 && strAppVersion.substr(strAppVersion.indexOf('MSIE')+5,1) > 4) { if (strAppVersion.indexOf("Macintosh") != -1 && strAppVersion.charAt(0) >= 3 ) {'<%=barref%>&b=NN','','width=370, height=115', true); } else { winstyle="dialogWidth=375px;dialogHeight:130px;center:yes"; window.showModelessDialog('<%=barref%>&b=IE',null,winstyle); } } else {'<% = barref %>&b=NN','','width=370,height=115', true); }