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Object doesn't support this property or method

Problem Description

When using a Persits Software component, various property and method calls may generate the following error:

Object doesn't support this property or method


Reason 1: a newer version's method or property is called on an older version.
For example, your script uses an AspUpload property or method introduced by version 3.0, such as File.FileName, but your server is still running AspUpload 2.x which does not support this property.

Here are some of the methods/properties that often cause the error mentioned above because an older version of the component is installed on the server:

ComponentMethod/PropertyVersion required
AspUpload File.FileName
AspJpeg OpenBinary
AspEmail AltBody 4.5
AspEmail MailFrom
Reason 2: a property is used as a method or vice versa.
When calling a method, no '=' sign should be used. On the other hand, when setting a property, the '=' sign must be used. The most common mistake is calling AspEmail's method AddAddress with an '=' sign:

Mail.AddAddress = ""

Reason 3: a non-Persits component is being used.
If you are using a component from a vendor other than Persits Software, Inc., please do not expect it to support the Persits set of properties and methods. An instance of a Persits component is to be created via the call

Set objName = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Product")

If the keyword "Persits" is not present in the ProgID of the component being created, this is not a Persits component and our documentation does not apply to it, and neither does the Persits tech support line.


This article applies to AspUpload, AspEmail, AspJpeg, AspGrid, AspEncrypt, AspPDF, AspUser and XUpload.