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HOWTO: Determining whether an eval or full version of a component is installed

Problem Summary

This article describes how to determine programmatically whether an evaluation or full version of a component is installed, and if it is an eval version, when it expires.


All Persits Software products (except JUpload) expose the property Expires of the type Date. This property returns the value "9/9/9999" if a full version is installed, or the expiration date otherwise.

For example, the following code snippet determines whether the current installation of AspUpload is a registered or eval copy, and displays the expiration date in the latter case:

Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload.1")
If Upload.Expires <> CDate("9/9/9999") Then
   Response.Write "AspUpload expires on " & Upload.Expires
   Response.Write "You are running a registered copy."
End If