AspEncrypt Demo 4: Requesting Encrypted Mail

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To receive certificate-based encrypted mail, you must use an S/MIME-enabled email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Netscape Messenger. You must also obtain a personal digital certificate (digital ID) from a Certification Authority (CA) of your choice such as InstantSSL, and install this certificate in your email client software. You can also obtain an instant test certificate from our demo "Certification Authority".

To use this demo, you need to export your certificate in the .cer format to a file and upload it to our server. The public key contained in your certificate will be used to encrypt an email message that will be sent to you. To export the certificate to a .cer file, run Internet Options from Control Panels, open the Content tab and click on the Certificates button. Select the desired certificate from the list and click Export. When asked whether you wish to export the private key, answer "No".

We will NOT sell or otherwise release your email address to anyone!
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