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The system cannot find the file specified error when saving to a wwwroot subdirectory

Problem Description

When saving uploaded files to a sub-directory of the c:\Inetpub\wwwroot directory with AspUpload, the methods Upload.Save or Upload.SaveVirtual may generate the following error:

Persits.Upload.1 (0x800A0005)
The system cannot find the file specified.


Despite what the error message says, the problem is caused by a lack of permissions rather than an invalid path.

The current user (such as IUSR_machinename) must have Full Control over the upload directory to be able to create files in it. You can instantly fix this problem by giving the "Everyone" account Full Control over the upload directory, then tighten security as appropriate. To change permissions on a folder, right-click on it in Windows Explorer, then select Properties/Security.