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Article PS02041393

BUG: XUpload displays error 12030 after installing MS cumulative patch

Problem Description

XUpload 2.1 had a bug that inserts an extra (null) character in the Content-Type and Content-Length headers. The "cumulative" security patch released by Microsoft on 4/10/2002 (Q319733) causes IIS to reject the corrupted headers and throw the error Parameter is incorrect which in turn causes XUpload to display the error:

Sending information to the server failed with error code 12030. Uploading has been aborted.

or sometimes,

Sending information to the server failed with error code 12031. Uploading has been aborted.


XUpload fixes this bug. If you are a registered XUpload user, follow this link to obtain your free upgrade:

To easily check what version of XUpload the browser is using, you can do this in your HTML code:

<BODY onload="Msgbox(UploadCtl.Version)" >

where UploadCtl is the name given to the control in the <OBJECT> tag.

Created: 4/13/2002 12:40:59 PM
Last Modified: 2/24/2004 3:10:53 PM

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