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An internal error occurred

Problem Description

When calling the AspEncrypt method Context.CreateExponentOneKey or Context.ImportRawKey , the following error occurs:

Persits.CryptoManager.1 error '800a0033'
An internal error occurred.


There is a problem in the implementation of the methods CreateExponentOneKey and ImportRawKey which prevents them from being used concurrently by multiple threads.

You must use the "container-less" mode of operation introduced by AspEncrypt 2.1. This mode is invoked by passing an empty string to the method OpenContainer, for example:

Set CM = Server.CreateObject("Persits.CryptoManager")
Set Context = CM.OpenContext("", True)
Set Exp1Key = Context.CreateExponentOneKey

The containerless mode also offers a much better performance over the traditional container-based mode. If you are running a version older then 2.1, you should download and re-install the latest version of AspEncrypt from