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The component has expired error occurs although a registered copy is installed

Problem Description

Although a registered copy of AspUpload has been installed on the server, the component still generates the error

Persits.Upload.1 error '800a001f'
The component has expired. Please visit to purchase a version that will not expire.


This means you have not shut down IIS services when installing AspUpload, or an eval version was installed by mistake.

When running the setup application aspupload.exe , make sure the splash screen reads "Registered Version".

When asked by the AspUpload setup whether you want to shut download and restart IIS, you must say yes. Shutting down IIS is necessary to remove an old (eval) version of aspupload.dll from the server's RAM. Failure to do so will result in the old DLL running instead of the newly installed DLL.

Instead of letting the aspupload.exe setup shut down and restart IIS, you may choose to do so manually prior to running the setup. At your command prompt, type

c:\> net stop iisadmin /y

Then run the setup. You will no longer be prompted to shut down IIS because it has just been shut down manually. Afterwards, restart your IIS-related services via the Services control panel, or via the command prompt.

This article only applies to AspUpload version 2.x. Version 3.0 does not require IIS to be restarted when registering the product.