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The XUpload control has expired message occurs although a registered copy is installed on the server

Problem Description

A registered copy of XUpload is installed on the server, but XUpload on a client machine still displays the error

The XUpload control has expired. Please visit to purchase a copy that will not expire.


You must follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the registered version of XUpload from here:

2. Make sure you have copied the registered version of the file XUpload.ocx from the installed location (the default is Program Files\Persits Software\XUpload\Samples ) to the directory where your HTML pages are referencing it with the <OBJECT> tag . Usually, the file XUpload.ocx is placed in the same directory as the HTML files.

3. The client browser may have cached an old (evaluation) copy of XUpload and is unaware that a new (registered) copy is available for downloading from the server.

Remove the old version of XUpload.ocx from the browser's cache. In IE, go to Tools/Internet Options.../Setting/View Objects and remove Persits Software XUpload from the list. If you now open a page containing a reference to XUpload, the browser will attempt to download a new version of xupload.ocx from the server, and install it.

If you have a large number of client machines, you may want to force a new download rather than performing those steps manually on each machine. To force a new download, use the CODEBASE attribute of the <OBJECT> tag as follows:


The browser examines the #VERSION portion of the CODEBASE attribute and if the currently installed version of XUpload is lower that the one specified by #VERSION, a new version will be downloaded from the server and installed over the old version. Make sure the #VERSION attribute always matches the actual version of xupload.ocx (which can be obtained by examining the file's Properties in Windows Explorer.)

Additional Comments

This article was originally written for versions 1.x and 2.x of XUpload. XUpload 3.0+ does not expire and therefore does not display the error message above. Instead, it occasionally displays a "nag" screen.

The recommendations of this article are still useful when upgrading your server from XUpload 1.x and 2.x to Version 3.0+.